Smart Sustainable Lighting Network (SSLNet)

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), unlike conventional lighting offer direct electrical to light conversion and hence the highest possible efficiency. LEDs are one of the most rapidly emerging technology markets. With ever increasing awareness on energy conservation, concurrent with rapid scientific developments, LED technology is currently an exploding sector. The Impact Centre (IMC) at University of Toronto has started a Smart Sustainable Lighting Network (SSLNet) to catalyze Canadian adoption of LEDs and other sustainable lighting technologies.

The network is be devoted to the advancement of Smart Sustainable Lighting in Canada by bringing together researchers, industries, end-users and agencies, and foster constant dialogues, knowledge sharing and facilitate collaborative projects between its members.


Impact Centre


The Impact Centre strives to bring science to society.

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For further information about SSLNet, please contact:

Dr. Venkat Venkataramanan

Director, Scienctific Operations

Impact Centre

University of Toronto

60 St. George St., Suite 331

Toronto, M5S 1A7. Ontario

Ph: 416 978 7082

Fax: 416 978 3936