Research Centres & Universities

IOS Solid State Lighting Laboratory

The IOS houses a state of the art optical laboratory that is available to academic and industrial partners.

Concordia University – Centre for Building Studies – research towards buildings that are energy efficient, comfortable, healthy, safe, and responsive to their inhabitants.

National Research Council of Canada – Institute for National Measurement Standards – Photometry and Radiometry – internationally recognized primary standards for optical radiation measurements, calibration services, research and development.

National Research Council of Canada – Institute for Research in Construction – Lighting Subprogram – applied research into energy-efficient lighting that meets human needs.

Ryerson University – certificate program in lighting design.

University of British Columbia – Structured Surface Physics Laboratory – research into the interaction of optical wavelength light with microstructured materials.

University of Calgary – Faculty of Environmental Design – professional education in architecture and industrial design, interdisciplinary graduate program (M.Sc., Ph.D.), research on energy-efficient buildings.

University of Prince Edward Island – Health Canada Legibility Lab – research on the effects of illumination on effectiveness of signage and other printed graphic media (Dr. Thomy Nilsson, nilsson at