“Scientists are learning how to manipulate LED lights to tune our biological clocks. They’re seeking to use the lights on long-distance flights to combat jet lag, and in schools to help calm children.

The promise the bulbs hold to improve physical and psychological well-being excites LED researchers like Venkataramanan, scientific director at the U of T’s Institute for Optical Sciences…

…non-visual pathways, he says, take in the spectral quality and fluctuations of light as well. But crucially, they also trigger the production of two key hormones that help control the rhythms of the body and brain.

“One (hormone) is melatonin … which sets your circadian rhythm or biorhythm,” Venkataramanan says. While it helps regulate many bodily functions, melatonin is crucial in promoting rest and sleep, he says.”


Full Article: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2016/02/14/new-light-bulb-technology-fights-jet-lag-and-keeps-the-kids-calm.html